Clothes dyeing service near me

Clothes dyeing service near me

If you are an individual looking to have your personal garments dyed you are in the right place.
Whether you are looking to repair bleach stains, cover wine stains, change the color of your garment,
or renew the color you can easily have this done at The Classice Boutique and Cleaners.
We also dye dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, shorts, lab coats, jumpsuits, and many other items.
We specialize in dyeing cotton garments black which is very common for covering bleach and wine stains.

Our years of experience servicing the elite fashion in Fourways equips us to do shirt dyeing, blouse dyeing, jacket dyeing, clothes dyeing, dress dyeing, jeans dyeing, ombré dyeing, pants dyeing: almost any garment made today. We also do garment washing.

Whether you would like to revitalize an old shirt, or cover a stain that you spilled on
your dress at a cocktail party, we can do it. Our dyers have worked with some of the most creative minds in
fashion to develop seasonal color trends and have perfected the coloration of individual garments for a multitude of high-profile celebrities.

The Classice Boutique and Cleaners uses the most relaxed dyeing methods possible to minimize shrinkage and pilling, however, we still see as little as 2% and as high as 20%. The average amount of shrinkage is 4-6%; if your fabric or garment has been washed in warm water prior to dyeing, then you should not see any shrinkage at all.

Dyeing stains and bleach spots Fourways
We often are asked if we can dye over stains and bleach spots. This work can be done, however, in order to cover the stains or bleach spots, we must dye the fabric to a dark shade, and black is highly recommended.

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