Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry Fourways

We offer commercial laundry services in Fourways. We offer a wide range of laundry services for different industries. You name it, we wash it! Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant or salon, your business is sure to benefit from the time you’ll save on washing linens and towels.

Our commercial laundry pickup is offered in several areas throughout Fourways, with the same personalized laundry service you’d expect at home.
If you’re ready to quit worrying about the next load of laundry and focus your time on more important things,
contact The Classice Boutique and Cleaners. We’re here to help!

What We Do:Salon & Spa

We offer wash & fold laundry service for salons, spas, and therapeutic clinics for items such as:


  • sheets (bed, massage table, etc.)
  • face and hand towels
  • face cradle
  • blankets
  • scrubs
  • smocks
  • aprons

What We Do:Hotels & Guest house

We offer wash & fold laundry service for hotels, resorts, motels, lodging & condominium managers with guest suites for items such as:


  • bedding (sheets, comforters, pillows, etc.)
  • washroom (towels, mats, etc.)
  • uniforms and apparel
  • restaurant, dining and banquet hall linens
  • personal laundry for guests

What We Do: GYM & Health clubs

We offer wash & fold laundry service for gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities for items such as:


  • face and body towels
  • uniforms
  • personal laundry for members

What We Do: day care & nursery

We offer wash & fold laundry service for daycare & nursery schools for items such as:


  • bed, floor change table sheets and covers
  • face and body towels
  • face and body wipes and cloths
  • bedding
  • cloth bibs
  • baby clothes





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