Custom Tailor


At The Classice Boutique and Cleaners, we take pride in not only washing your clothes but also tailoring them, thanks to our dedicated specialists. Whatever your requirements, The Classice Boutique and Cleaners will suit your needs.

Our tailors have a vast experience in tailoring and they take the necessary time and care to make your cloth look best on you.

We offer the full suite of tailoring and restoration: zips, hems, resizing, tear or pocket repair, sleeves, cuffs, even shoe shine.


See below for the wide range of professional services we can offer

Jacket / Coat

Reline, Lift shoulder, shorten or lengthen sleeves, re-sizing in or out, shorten with vents

Trousers / Jeans

Take in or out waistline, shorten or lengthen, taper leg width, pocket re-line

Dress / Skirt

Hemlines, straps altered, waist & side seams taken in or out, replacement zips

Shirt / Blouse

Shorten or lengthen sleeves, adjust side seams & darts

Formal / Evening Wear

Altered in all aspects


Most repairs undertaken

Other works

Zip replacement, buttons, button holes & studs

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