Tailor Fourways

See below for the wide range of professional services we can offer

Jacket / Coat

Reline, Lift shoulder, shorten or lengthen sleeves, re-sizing in or out, shorten with vents

Trousers / Jeans
Take in or out waistline, shorten or lengthen, taper leg width, pocket re-line

Dress / Skirt
Hemlines, straps altered, waist & side seams taken in or out, replacement zips

Shirt / Blouse
Shorten or lengthen sleeves, adjust side seams & darts

Formal / Evening Wear
Altered in all aspects

Most repairs undertaken

Other works
Zip replacement, buttons, button holes & studs

Tailoring & Alterations

Tailor Near Me
We want you to look good and feel good every time you get dressed. If you are looking for a tailor in Fourways,Dainfern, Midrand and Sandton, we will take time to get your perfect fit so you look great in every outfit.
We have helped thousands of customers in Fourways and surrounding areas with everything from simple hems to custom dresses and gowns.
We have years of experience in sewing, altering, and tailoring men and women's suits, wedding dresses, prom dresses, and school uniforms.

Tailoring and alterations is our nature - whatever the challenge, we are up for it.We work on leather, specialty fabrics, such as sequined and lace, and highly-detailed pieces.

There is a difference between a seamstress who can perform a basic alteration for you and an experienced, skilled and professionally trained fitter and tailor who can guide you on how a garment should fit your body.No job is too BIG or too small.Tailoring is Our Specialty.
Quality Men & Ladies Alterations,Looking for a Good tailor around the Fourways town? Make it easy for yourself.
You care about your clothes and have a way you like them to look and fit. You need your clothes updated to fit your needs. You came to the right site. We are the best in tailoring and alterations for your Suits, Sports Coats, Blazer, Leather Jacket Sleeve, Pants, Jeans etc

At the Classice Boutique and Cleaners we are happy to help you create, transform or mend home furnishings. Bring us your pillows, curtains, couch cushions or favorite fabric, and we will stitch them back together or from scratch.

Tailor Near Me

At The Classice Boutique, we operate as a complete one stop shop for all of your tailoring needs. Whether you need a hole quickly repaired, a dress or suit altered for a big event, a favourite piece customised or upgraded or a shirt quickly dry cleaned, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver to your requirements.

As your full-service tailor, we offer:

Clothing Alterations FOURWAYS

We can professionally alter any item with a fast turnaround time. Whether you need us to take it in, let it out, shorten it or lengthen it, we can tailor your item of clothing to best fit your shape, size and height. New pieces, old pieces, we can alter, restore or repair any item so that it looks and fits exactly as you desired.

Suit Alterations FOURWAYS

Turn an old or “off the rack” suit into your own custom masterpiece. A suit should fit you like a glove in order for you to look your best. Luckily The Classice Boutique and Cleaners have the expertise to make the precise alterations needed to tailor your suit to your specific measurements.

Wedding Dress Alterations FOURWAYS

Looking your best on your big day is a must, and we’re here to help you achieve that. Whether you want to wear a vintage dress, a family heirloom, a piece you have ordered online to simply have your own specific custom alteration you’d like made to a dress you have found, we can work with you to create your dream wedding gown.


We can embroider any materials including soft furnishing embroidery, clothing monograms, embroidery on caps or corporate and sports team logo embroidery thanks to the expert skill of our staff and the specialist machines we utilise at Fourways Gardens. No order too big or too small – we can embroider individual gifts to give a personalised touch or embroider uniforms for an entire company. Whatever you need, we can fulfil your order.

Invisible Mending

With our invisible mending service, you can have your favourite garments restored good as new. This specialist service requires meticulous skills so it takes a couple of weeks to deliver, but you’ll be astounded by the results. We take individual threads from the interior fabric of the garment and fix the damaged areas by reweaving the threads taken from the inside to facilitate an “invisible” repair.

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